Wines from South Africa


      Wines as rich and spectacular as nature.

      South Africa is one of those wine regions that many wine drinkers often prematurely refer to as the “New World”. Vines have been growing in the climatically preferred region since the 17th century. And this centuries-old experience can be tasted in the typical strong red wines and the fresh, fruity white wines from the Cape of Good Hope. At Gustomo, we have had a deep love for South Africa since 2005. And we also attach great importance to being socially committed. With our wine import we support various manufacturers with their projects, for example Spier or Cape Dreams with her project "Women in Vine".

      85 products

      85 products

      Webersburg Sauvignon Blanc 2014
      frisch und aromatisch
      9,99 €
      750ml (13,32 €/1l)