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Delizie di Calabria - Olive Ripiene con Pecorino & Nduja

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Delizie di Calabria - Olive Ripiene with Pecorino & Nduja. The olives stuffed from Calabria with Pecorino & Nduja have a mild taste.

Nduja is a very spicy, piquant, soft, Italian raw sausage and goes very well with Pecorino cheese. 

The quick and easy antipasti with fresh ciabata and the delicious stuffed olives are a delicious accompaniment to fruity red wine for every wine connoisseur.

A pure enjoyment of vacation in Italy "La Dolce Vita"!


Ingredients: Green olives 48%, sunflower oil, pecorino cheese 10% (sheepWHOLE MILK pasteurized, MILKenzymes, rennet, salt), `Nduja 3% (pork fat, pork, chilli, salt), salt

Antioxidant: Ascorbic acid

Acidity regulator: LACTIC acid

Content: 180g