Distilleria Marzadro Amaro 0,5l Amaro

Distilleria Marzadro Amaro 0.5l

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The Amaro from Distilleria Marzadro is an aromatic herbal liqueur with 30% alcohol content. This Amaro is made according to old, regional Trentino recipes. The plants and herbs were already collected in the 1950s on the mountain range of the 2218 meter high Monte Baldo in order to flavor this distillate.

Even today, alpine dock, yellow gentian, bryan beet, chamomile, fennel, Benedictine herb, galega and various types of yarrow are pickled for 20 to 30 days after careful selection by hand.

The red color of the Amaro comes from the alpine dock and the mountain rhubarb, which also gives it its bitter and fresh taste.

In the nose you can see different, aromatic herbs identify. The Amaro is bitter and refreshing on the palate.



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