Manfredi Liquore - Liquiró Liquore Liquirizia Likör

Manfredi Liquore - Liquiró Liquore Liquirizia

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Manfredi Liquore - Liquiró Liquore Liquirizia is a dark liqueur. This liqueur comes from pure licorice from Calabria. Expression of the wealth of a region.

Licorice, typical of Calabria, has been known for its sweet taste and pleasant for its beneficial properties since ancient times.

Liquirò Manfredi, made from pure Calabrian liquorice, refined and with an intense taste, it preserves the versatility and authenticity of this natural product.

Manfredi's liquorice liqueur is the testimony of a thousand-year tradition of miraculous synergy between man and nature. It is dense and persistent on the palate.

It's a great dessert. Liquirò is great to drink over ice and is also delicious on ice cream and frozen desserts.


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