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Franz Huebl


      “My friends call me a foodie. After all, cooking is my greatest passion. "

      “I've been interested in good food all my life. It was only logical that I completed my training in gastronomy. It was a long time ago now, but my enthusiasm for cooking is still unbroken. And because good food mostly has to do with good wine, I turned my passion for both into a profession more than 25 years ago. Still, I'm never finished with learning. The fact that I am continuously educating myself in these areas and then being able to apply this knowledge directly is what makes my daily work so attractive. This also includes wine tours through the top regions of Europe. My ambition is to always come back smarter and richer in experience and wine knowledge than when I left. I am particularly fond of honest white wines and sparkling wines. In our team I am the expert for wines from France, Austria and Italy.

      I find the right wines that I love so much for the modernly interpreted, Asian, Mediterranean, and healthy cuisine. "

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      18 products