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Romy Münchow


      "The strong red wines from Italy, Spain and South Africa inspire me again and again."

      “I am a very grounded person - in the truest sense of the word - and enjoy being able to directly experience nature with my hands while gardening. Perhaps it is because of this bond that I treat food with great appreciation. This applies to good food as well as to the right wines. The Italian Dolce Vita passed into my blood on my first wine trip to this beautiful country. The kitchen, the country and its people convey the Mediterranean way of life to me. When choosing new suppliers or specialties, I am the one who listens to my gut feeling and is always right. For me, enjoyment goes far beyond the ingredients and the wines. My family calls me "Decoration queen with the green thumb"and not without reason: table culture and decoration are important to me and I like to celebrate big events. "


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      15 products