Distilleria Caffo - Limoncello Dell´Isola Likör

Distilleria Caffo - Limoncello Dell´Isola

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Distilleria Caffo - Limoncello Dell´Isola

The Caffo distillery was founded by Giuseppe Caffo.

The family business specializes in the production of liqueurs and only uses Italian herbs and other ingredients from the Calabria region. 

The Caffo - Limoncello Dell´Isola is a lemon liqueur from southern Italy. Traditionally made from lemon peel, lemon fruit pieces and alcohol. The mixture is stored for several weeks by adding sugar and water. 

The result is a fresh lemony liqueur with a sweet taste.

A treat for the palate!

In international cuisine, the Caffo - Limoncello Dell´Isola used for cooking and baking cakes, pies, pastries or ice cream.

Our recommendation:

As an aperitif or digestif pure on ice. 

The Caffo - Limoncello Dell´Isola goes wonderfully as an addition to cocktails and long drinks to freshen up the taste.



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