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Distilleria Caffo - LimuNi - Limoncello del Sud

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2013 Concours Mondial Bruxellers
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Distilleria Caffo - LimuNi - Limoncello del Sud

The Caffo distillery was founded by Giuseppe Caffo founded and specializes in the production of liqueurs to this day.

The Caffo - LimuNi - Limoncello del Sud is a fresh lemony liqueur made from the best lemons ripened in the sun. The lemon peels are freshly harvested for the production of Caffo - LimuNi - Limoncello del Sud used. 

The classic limoncello LimuNi del Sud is particularly aromatic and fruity. 

Most of all he will Caffo - LimuNi - Limoncello del Sud Drunk pure and ice cold (-20 ° C) after eating.

Limoncello is perfect for mixing cocktails and long drinks.


- Concours Mondial Bruxellers 2013 / Gold Medal Winner 

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