Medoff Classic Vodka UA Edition 0,5l 40% Vodka
Medoff Classic Vodka UA Edition 0,5l 40% Vodka

Medoff Original Vodka

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Medoff Original Vodka 

Not just any vodka, but one Medoff Original Vodkathat is so pure and soft that drinking becomes a sensual experience. An experience that brings back our memories of times when the simple joys of life were all we needed to find our happiness.

Our founder Joseph Medoff remembers his family and his house in the mountains, where he made the vodka according to traditional family recipes, and the convivial get-togethers on bitter winter nights and warm summer days, which these recipes and their enjoyment made unforgettable.

Joseph Medoff is 103 years old. He combines his history and his passion into one life's work!

Only the best natural ingredients result in an exceptional taste. 

Medoff Original Vodka is produced in an ecologically clean region using mountain spring water. Only the best natural ingredients are used, selected by specialists with decades of experience to ensure we maintain the quality and purity of the Medoff experience.

When the honey proteins coagulate in the water-alcohol mixture, all harmful trace components bind to the proteins. Thus, the water-alcohol mixture is absolutely clear, pure and soft in taste.

Thanks to these properties it has Medoff over sixty international awards receive.

The Medoff team uses modern, technologically advanced equipment to ensure that every bottle is of the right quality.

The Medoff family call the process "21st Century Handcrafting".


Medoff Original Vodka is a wonderful companion for special occasions with family and friends.


Our recommendation:

Drink up Medoff Original Vodka clear or chilled with ice cubes. Also as a mixed drink this is a pure pleasure!




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